Best Minimalism Books

The beauty of minimalism isn’t in what it takes away, but in what it gives back. We own too much stuff and excess consumption has lead to cluttered homes and environmental strain. We feel overwhelmed by clutter, and frustrated with cleaning, organizing and managing it all. Our desire for more and the disillusionment that buying things can lead to happiness, actually distracts us from the very life we wish to live. Minimalism is really about simplicity. Doing more with less gives us with more time with loved ones, more savings, and ultimately more happiness. I’ve compiled my list of the best minimalism books to help you simplify your life, so sit back, put your feet up and dive into these gems.

Simple Matters – Erin Boyle

Simple Matters

Erin Boyle celebrates a practical and purposeful approach to a simple, sustainable life. In her book Simple Matters, she shares practical guidance and personal insights on small-space living and conscious consumption. She also has an amazing blog called Reading My Tea Leaves, which I highly recommend. Simple Matters is one of the best minimalism books because it is a one-stop shop of personal essays, projects, and helpful advice on how to be inventive and resourceful in a tight space. Living simply and purposefully is more sustainable not only for the environment, but for our own happiness and well being, too. She makes it easy, accessible and shows that living simply is about making do with less and ending up with more.

Zero Waste Home – Bea Johnson

Zero Waste Home

I’m absolutely in love with this book. I also included it in the five must read sustainability books as well, because this is the best minimalism books for the home. Bea Johnson tells a great story about her family’s journey towards zero-waste. Her philosophy emphasizes the five Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. I wrote an article on the expanded 8 Rs that you can find here. Bea shows you that living sustainability shouldn’t forfeit comfort and style. She offers practical steps for each room in your house and each part of your life. If you only read one book, make this one it!

The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify – Francine Jay

The Joy of Less

Francine Jay (Miss Minimalist) pioneered the simple living movement with her book, The Joy of Less. She shares simple steps to cultivate a minimalist mindset and form new habits. Her easy-to-follow process works in any part of the home, however she also tackles harder such as moving, getting married, having kids, or downsizing. The Joy of Less is a another refreshing and relatable approach to decluttering . You can get a sneak peak here.

The More of Less – Joshua Becker

The More of Less

In this book, Joshuea Becker challenges you to live a better life with less. He shares helpful hints to recognize the benefits of owning less. In addition, he shares his personal experiences to create a practical approach to decluttering. In his words, “learn why the best part of minimalism isn’t a clean house; it’s a full life.”

Lastly, I hope you’ve enjoyed these books as much as I have. These books inspired me to create an empowering plan for living more simply by owning less and I hope they have inspired you too.  I encourage you to read them on your kindle or if you have them in hard copy to pay it forward, also checkout your local library.  So are you ready for less cleaning, less anxiety, less organizing and less stress in your life? Simplicity isn’t as complicated as you think.

Do you have some great books you would like to share? We would love to hear what you think are the best minimalism books are. Share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below.

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