Client Profile

Pursuit Travel Collection is one of the world’s leading provider of experiential adventure travel. They represent an extraordinary collection of exceptional places that bring them to life for our guests. Their mission is to connect guests and staff to iconic places through unforgettable, inspiring experiences that represent the best in experiential adventure travel.


Pursuit Travel Collection operates almost exclusively in pristine environments including Canadian National Parks. There is a lot of pressure and responsibility to ensure operations are conducted in the most sustainable way. Under the direction of President David McKenna, they decided to embark on a five year Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability plan with Bilancia Inc. In 2016, an audit was launched with benchmarks being put into place at all facilities. The bench marking portion of the project is now complete. With tangible goals in place, Brewster aims to meet critical sustainable objectives including being recognized as a global leader in the travel and tourism industry.

Project Deliverables

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Historic Logbook
  • Creation of CSR & Road Map
  • Audit of all operations with benchmarks to base-line metrics
  • KPI for all operations
  • Comprehensive 5 years Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Plan
  • Communications document for all shareholders


Pursuit Travel Collections have recently been recognized by award Magazine for sustainable development of the 26-million dollar redevelopment of Banff Gondola Upper Terminal Station. After launching their sustainability objectives in 2016, Pursuit Travel Collection is not only set to achieve their goals, but exceed them. They now have a Director of CSR & Sustainability to ensure they continue with the plans that were laid with the foundation working with Bilancia Inc.

In Their Words

“Working with the Bilancia Inc. team was instrumental in getting our sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives off the ground. They were able to connect with stakeholders on multiple levels to ensure this project was a huge success. We want to be leaders in sustainable tourism and we take stewardship seriously. Not only did they promote dialogue and engagement, they set up the foundations for us continue to excel. We appreciate their commitment to excellence and to our success and we look forward to working with them in an ongoing fashion. 

Dave Mckenna, Pursuit Travel Collection President
Pursuit Travel Collection
Annual Sales: $55.78M
Industry: Travel & Tourism
Locations: Canada, United States and Iceland