5 Best Indoor Plants for your Home

Plants are therapeutic and help purify our air, promote well being and are good for the environment. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best indoor plants for your home to help promote a better, healthier home environment.

Step-by-Step Guide to Simplify Your Home

Do you know the 80-20 rule or ‘The Pareto Principle’ ? It is the law of the vital few where roughly 80% of the effects come from only 20%. This theory can has been applied to almost everything from mathematics to gardening to your home. Have you ever considered that you use 20% of your…

Best Minimalism Books

Minimalism is really about simplicity. Doing more with less gives us with more time with loved ones, more savings, and ultimately more happiness. I’ve compiled my list of the best minimalism books to help you minimize possessions to maximize your life.

Benifits of Minamilism – Less is the new more

Less is the new more. The growing popularity of minimalism is a reaction against the comfortable routine of widespread consumption and disregard for the natural ecosystem that is threatening our existence. So what if owning less could bring more joy into your life?